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June 22, 2015



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New Tap Order is mobile game, where player simply taps the screen to move triangle higher and higher. Avoid platforms or fail. You can hate or love appearing platforms – it depends how you use it. Tap the highest score and share it on social media. Submit your highscore to global list. Be the best of all! Also, can you see what's behind?


New Tap Order core code was written in less than hour on university lecture. It was simple idea. Just for fun. From then, we started to craft it more and now it gets more and more players across the world. Later came MLG update. Just to test how changing a theme will affect the game. It paid off tripled our previous conversion rate. After a year, we are working to bring completley new, rebuild from scratch version of New Tap Order.


  • First game ever
  • Just for fun
  • Warzone for features that were working and not
  • Actually a testfield for many thing related to gamedev
  • Very long in development
  • Illuminti and MLG creature


New Tap Order - official trailer YouTube

New Tap Order - gameplay YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

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Selected Articles

  • " Unique!! Addicting simple concept that will make you leave game installed on your device always! At first it feels kinda hard but once you get the idea...thats when the addiction starts kicking in. Like for instance when you figure out how to make the object skip to the top really fast by tapping.....well you will understand when you play it. 5 stars for making an easy pick up and leave game. Great job to the developer!"
    - Gabriel Viera,
  • " Easy to learn, hard to master like any good reflex game! You have to synchronize your taps with your rotation to climb up the screen. I have yet to get more than a few points, which is nice because I have plenty of hours of challenge ahead of me. Very fun, nicely done!"
    - Tommy Jensen, HA Legends
  • "Good Lord now that i know how to play it's frackin insane i like it dude super challenging and funky music"
    - Mark, NDGOgames
  • "Super challenging! Love the challenge. If you play this bring your "A" game. It's going to push you right from the start but once you got it you'll want to take down the score. Pick this up if you like a challenge."
    - Two Five,

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New Tap Order Credits

Wojciech Wysocki
CEO, Tasks Distributor

Robert Marek
Programmer, Algorythm Emperor

Paweł Lubos
2D artist, PNG Enthusiast

Jarosław Tyma
Programmer, Code God

Mateusz Szczęsny
Music, Bits Master

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